Ukulele Tuner

Play it!


To play the ukulele, you have to click and hold the left mouse cursor and strum along the strings, or you can also play with the help of the arrow buttons on the keyboard

- Strum from bottom to top

- Strum from top to bottom

←→ - For string muting

Our new feature – Ukulele tuner! We made it so you can make your life easier. As we all sadly know, ukulele is so small and gently instrument that sometimes it needs our help to stay in tune.

Your lucky if you have your own tuner, but if you don’t, try ours. You can use it on your website if you want, its free and nothing will be charged from you, just click Take Me! button, copy code to your website and start to use it!

We made this tuner as simply as you can imagine, because we believe that simple is the right way. To start using this tuner just press once on a tuning pegs you wish to tune and listen carefully. Sound will repeat itself over and over again, so you don’t have to press it every time.

To turn sound off just press same tuning head again.

You wanna start will A string, the one in the bottom of the fretboard and then move to the next, above the previous one, so it should be : A – E – C – G. All you need to do is match sound of a tuner to sound of the string. It’s that simple!

Sometimes you may struggle with matching sound, in this case check if your strings are placed correctly or your  tuning heads are fastened tightly.