5 creative ukuleles you might buy


Hricane Concert Ukulele 23-inch UKS-2

Hricane Concert Ukulele is a 23-inch uke featuring a Sapele wood body and walnut fretboard. Thus, it has a good body structure. Also, with the satin finish on top, the wood grains are expressed in a better appearance compared to many traditional ukes. Furthermore, it comes with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, which combine excellently with the Sapele body to offer a comfortable playing time.

The carbon-made strings on the Hricane Concert Ukulele are sourced from Japan. Also, changing the strings demand no special skills or effort; hence, new players can get hold of the masterpiece and adjust the strings as suitable. The fretboard comes with eighteen properly fixed brass frets, and conventionally, the position marks of the frets help players to perform better and easier. 

A combination of the carbon nylon strings, the Sapele wood body, and the walnut fretboard ensures that the Hricane UKS-2 delivers a smooth, pure sound that moves harmoniously from the strings to the ears. Consequently, most ukulele players have considered this product as one of the best sounding concert ukuleles around. In fact, on Amazon, it is one of the highest-ranked concert ukuleles.

Also, the strings attached do not only support easy play and performance, but it also ensures that pleasing tones are delivered while the Hricane patented chrome-plated tuners ensure that the ukulele stays in tune. Considering the gorgeous outlook, the affordability, and quality construction of this product, it is safe to say that it offers good value for money.

Accessories of the Hricane Concert Ukulele UKS-2
  • Carbon nylon strings
  • Ukulele bag
  • Pick
  • Tuner
  • Clean cloth
  • Small accessories bag
  • Gig Bag
  • Chrome-plated tuners
Pros and Cons


  • Classic body design
  • Harmonious sound


  • Sanding may be required on the frets.

Enya EUR-X1 21-inch Ukelele

Just like the old camp style instruments from the early 20th century, the Enya EUR-X1 has a circular design. It measures 8.5 inches in diameter and features a shallow top to the back. With an arched back, the body is covered in HPL – a Formica material commonly used for kitchen countertops made solely from the sheets of paper in resin. However, the HPL on the EUR-X1 appears tidier and comes with clean edges and joints. You will find the bridge at the end of the body.

The neck, which is made of mahogany, is joined to the body in a pocket and held together with a bolt arrangement. Unlike other ukuleles, the bolt is placed outside as it also functions as a neck strap button – this is intentional as Enya provides an Allen wrench, which helps to adjust the neck relief or change the neck through a complete removal.

Concerning the fretboard, it is made of rosewood, nicely finished, and comes with rolled fingerboard edges. Also, the fretboard features sixteen nickel silver frets with twelve joining the body. On the 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets, there are appealing star-shaped position markers designed with inlaid wood and complemented using dots on the side.

Considering that the turners are open geared pegs – not friction – they appear slightly as large as a soprano; however, they possess a pleasing design, having metal gears, small red plastics, black plastic mounts, and buttons. Undoubtedly, the EUR-X1 is well balanced with its light structure. Although it comes in a different shape compared to other ukes, it’s always pleasing to hold and play. Finally, it is available in a well-padded bag, which makes it safe to carry around.

Accessories of the Enya EUR-X1 21-inch Ukelele


  • Capo
  • Picks
  • A spare set of strings
  • Clip-on turner
  • A polishing cloth
  • Allen wrench
  • A rhythm ring shaker
  • Brochures
  • A strap
Pros and Cons


  • Awesome action at the nut and saddle
  • Unique design
  • Good tone


  • Strings may be floppy on fingers
  • Considerably quiet at first strum

Kala MK-SWT/Clear Makala Waterman Composite Soprano Ukulele

Among uke players, Kala ukulele is a well-known brand due to the consistent production of high quality and affordable instruments. Although the brand was inspired by the 1950 Maccaferri ukulele, which placed a focus on outdoor performance, the company has tailored its products to suit both indoor and outdoor performance. The innovative Waterman ukulele is made in plastic. Consequently, it is water-resistant and can be taken anywhere regardless of the weather. 

Despite the plastic body, it is designed neatly so much that it can be looked through. However, the most impressive quality is that the already installed Aquila strings produce a good intonation, which may keep stretching as long as the third day after the first strum. Also, the strings tend to stay in tune for several days. Additionally, when the nut is firmly held in one hand and the body with another, the strings can be strummed to change the notes by flexing the neck towards and away from the strings. Furthermore, with a slightly different bridge, it is easy to restring.

The back and sides are solidly molded in plastic, which is well snapped and glued. And it features a series of embellishments such as EL wire, paint sloshing, goldfish, and internal LEDs. On it is “burst” colors, which are made of heavy material – this helps generates quality sounds when higher quality strings are installed. Considering that it is made of high-quality plastic, it offers excellent durability. Hence, you can easily move around with your uke, having no fears of getting it destroyed.

Given the affordable price, strength, and ability to survive different weather conditions of this uke, it’s recommendable for ukulele beginners and others – more so, you can easily convert it to left-hand.

Pros and Cons


  • Decent sound for a plastic uke
  • High durability
  • Can be played anywhere


  • Compared to mahogany Kala, string stretching often takes a longer time.
  • Resonance is not as brilliant as the mahogany uke.
  • It generates a slightly tinny sound.

SanDona Soprano Ukulele

With beautiful wood all through and shiny metal frets, SanDona Soprano Ukulele is one of the most eye-catching ukes in the market. The 21-inch uke is easy to hold and comes with a lightweight. Also, the SanDona Soprano Ukulele is designed with two stereo soundholes, peltogyne fingerboards, and headstocks made of okoume Sapele wood – all of which ensure that the uke releases great sounds when played.

Furthermore, this product possesses twelve white brass frets, having fret position marks at 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, and 19th frets on top of the fingerboard and the neck. Also, the fingerboard has Sapele wood on side edges and no jagged edge cutting fingers. And considering that it is made with Aquila strings, you will relish a fun-filled experience as it produces rich tones.
Speaking of design, the SanDona Soprano ukulele has a pleasing and unique outlook as it features some Hawaiian tattoos and style curves.

Aside from the fact that the Sapele material ensures that the uke provides an excellent sustaining effect, it also ensures that the product appeals to the onlookers. Also, it features a satin finish, which ensures that SanDona has a distinct appearance and excellent playability.

Just like any string instrument, SanDona Soprano Ukulele needs a certain amount of stretching before the tune will settle down. However, once the stretching is sufficient, it offers optimal tuning stability. Plus, while you are repeatedly stretching the strings when playing, it helps you to get better at your ukulele. More so, the Aquila strings provide an impressive volume, and it’s very comfortable under the fingers.

Accessories of the SanDona Soprano Ukulele
  • Extra premium Aquila strings
  • A digital tuner
  • Well-padded case
  • Additional gig bag
  • Picks (2)
  • A booklet
Pros and Cons


  • Unique design with tattoos
  • Good tone sustaining effect


  • Strings need a few stretching

Concert Ukulele Enya Nova U/BK


Among musical instrument brands, Enya is known for releasing a cost-effective, handmade musical instrument that offers good sound quality. One of its products with such qualities is the concert ukulele Enya Nova U/BK. The entire body is constructed using polycarbonate with carbon fiber, which ensures that it offers durability to players. Both the fingerboard and the bridge are also made of the body material. It is one of the few ukuleles which are water-resistant and easy to clean. Besides, it has lightweight and can be easily moved around.

Concert Ukulele Enya Nova U possesses eighteen frets, a removable saddle, and features Enya fluorocarbon strings. Also, it comes with an unbranded gold open gears as tuners. Nova U is known to produce brighter sounds compared to most conventional ukes. While playing, the side sound hole supports a better self-resonance delivery. This 23-inch uke is designed with an arched and thin body, plus an electric cutaway design that makes the product attractive and handy for ukulele beginners and the pros. Also, its attractiveness is further enhanced by the aqua green color and the matching straps.

Additionally, the body comes in a matte black finish with a sleek profile. In fact, it befits gold accents and can raise the appealing decoration of any room. In other words, if you want a flashy uke to grace your evenings, then getting a Nova U is really advisable.

With good sound quality and affordability, this ukulele offers a fine balance between quality and price. Hence, it is recommendable for ukulele beginners and pros alike. While strumming hard, sounds often ring true, and it feels compact and sturdy when handled. Nova U blends elegance and functionality in style.

Accessories of the Concert Ukulele Enya Nova U/BKM


  • Capo
  • Strap
  • Extra strings
  • Semi-hard ukulele case
Pros and Cons


  • Elegant design
  • Can be converted for left-handed players


  • May require two or three adjustments to achieve a standard state.

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