Lohanu (LU-C) Concert Ukulele

24.4 x 8.3 x 2.8 inches

If you would like to leave cheap ukuleles and get close to high-end models, then getting a Lohanu (LU-C) Concert Ukulele is your go-to-get option. With Mahogany shell, Aquila strings, handmade ABS bindings, and rosewood fingerboard, LU-C is an impressive product that worth every penny spent.

Also, this uke is recommendable for any ukulele player who wants exceptional sound delivery, but would like to stick to a budget – the sounds and looks are similar to an expensive model. More so, the construction of LU-C supports movement from one gig location to another.

With the Aquila strings and Mahogany body, LU-C is known for generating no buzzing sounds, and even sound more impressively when played on higher frets. Also, if you have a relatively large hand, you will be able to play easily since the frets are spaced further compared to a soprano ukulele.

Aside from the nicely constructed body and fine texture, the sound of this beautiful instrument is aided by the arched back. Also, it comes with two straps which are pre-installed for a player’s convenience. Like most ukulele, the LU-C bundle features a strap, two picks, a pick holder, a spare set of Aquila strings, among others. Plus, there is a video ukulele lesson included to help develop ukulele beginners.


What to Expect from Lohanu (LU-C)

Awesome design

Undoubtedly, LU-C is well-made. The beautiful ukulele is carefully designed using high-quality materials such as Mahogany, Rosewood, and handmade Deluxe Bindings. The appearance of this product is even made better by adding strap buttons, which can be installed at a guitar shop. 

Fascinating Tone

Truly, before a tune can settle into LU-C, it will take a few plays and retuning. However, after a while, the tune will settle in nicely, remain stable, and offer impressive tones to make good music. Within the bundle, you will find a handy tuner that will get the tune in sooner than expected. With a few retuning and plays, you will not only get to tune your uke as preferred but also get to learn the instrument during the process.


If you are considering leaving a cheap uke for a more pleasurable ukulele instrument, then the Lohanu concert will come handy. Aside from being affordable, this uke possesses the qualities of a more exciting ukulele with its Mahogany shell, Aquila strings, handmade ABS bindings, and rosewood fingerboard, not to mention the arched back that supports impressive sound delivery.

Responsive Customer Service

Lohanu offers remarkable customer support services by answering questions and inquiries promptly. Also, they give priority to quality control as the instrument is adequately packaged for shipping.

Lohanu (LU-C) Bundle

LU-C bundle comes with almost everything you need to start strumming a ukulele. Within the Lohanu Concert Ukulele bundle, you will find the following free accessories:

  • Plastic Picks (2)
  • Ukulele Hanger
  • Accurate tuner
  • Extra Aquila Nylgut Strings
  • Leather Pick (1)
  • Polyester Ukulele-sized Strap (Brown color)
  • A gig bag

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lohanu (LU-C)


  • Stays in tune
  • Presence of a laminate body that resembles wood
  • Features every accessory needed by a ukulele beginner


  • It is not designed for high-end use
  • The laminate body doesn’t feel like wood
  • Gig bag only protects the instrument against dust


With the price tag of the Lohanu LU-C bundle and the free accessories included, it is a product worth considering. Understandably, LU-C is one of the most popular ukuleles in the market, most especially due to the abundant extras attached. That aside, the instrument is well-built and attractive with its mahogany body and Rosewood fingerboard. Also, considering the size and spacing of the fret, different people can play the instrument for fun and with ease. Also, if you are used to using the “cheap” ukulele, you will find the strap pins as a handy upgrade.

All in all, the Lohanu LU-C ukulele concert is an impressive musical instrument with many nice, free accessories. If you are a ukulele beginner looking for your first ukulele, getting the LU-C uke is a great way to start. Also, a professional player who wants to upgrade his “cheap” instrument will appreciate this affordable, yet fascinating ukulele.

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