Luna Uke Bamboo Concert Ukulele

Luna Bamboo
29.5 x 18 x 7 inches
Natural bamboo wood body and top with Satin Natural finish


Luna Uke Bamboo Concert Ukulele: All you need to know

Globally, one of the most prestigious members of the guitar family is Ukulele. The small guitar-like instrument is a masterpiece that consists of four gut strings or four courses of lines. In some designs, you may come about some strings made in pairs, and consequently, making a total of six to eight lines.

The Ukulele originated among the Portuguese immigrants, which was later introduced to the Hawaiian. During the early 20th century, the guitar-like instrument was recognized in the United States. However, currently, it has become a famous guitar around the world.

Ukulele comes in different sizes, constructions, and designs which are produced by various brands. Some of the notable brands include Kala, Donner, Lohanu, Hricane, Pomaika, Fender, Lanikai, Mahalo. However, in this piece, we will be discussing an Ukulele known as Luna Uke Bamboo Concert Ukulele, which is crafted by a famous and reliable brand called Luna.

A Short Overview of Luna

Across the globe, Luna is one of the most famous producers of Guitar and Ukulele. They provide different series of top-quality guitar instrument that can be played comfortably by any player regardless of your level of expertise. While Luna products are affordable and durable, they offer exquisite designs that will please every onlooker. It is believed that Luna’s unique design is inspired by the customary Hawaii arts that connect the origin of the masterpiece to the paradise-like islands.

Luna brand produces several designs of Ukulele which are designed with exquisite features and quality bamboo woods. Among the series of aesthetically-pleasing Ukulele products from Luna include those of Concert, Tenor, and Soprano sizes. Every Ukulele product from Luna has been commended for incredible playing experience. Whether you are performing in a serene setting or on stage during a live performance, Luna Ukulele will help sweep your audience off their feet.

Why should I choose Luna Uke Bamboo Concert Ukulele?

The Uke Bamboo Concert Ukulele is an outstanding product from Luna. It is crafted with a walnut bridge, pearl moon phase inlays, mahogany neck, and a neat fretboard. This 15-scale length beauty is made with natural bamboo wood body and laser-etched leaf design around the sound hole.

According to Luna, the pearl on the Uke represents purity, which is a spiritual change that overcomes adversity. Undoubtedly, aside from the fact that the pretty design that will catch any eyes, any day, it offers a strong message to the users and listeners. Also, Luna has deemed it fit to add a special touch to the already fascinating Walnut fretboard by crafting an exceptional “moon phrase” pearl dot inlays on it.

Despite the fantastic designs crafted on the Uke, the construction quality is one of the best available. It is light when carried and comes with a compact size. This Bamboo Concert Ukulele produces sharp, vibrant tone from every rhythmic strum. Regardless of the environment, or your skill level, the Luna Uke will help turn a dull moment into a memorable one.

The Uke Bamboo is made with a series of top accessories, known as the Austin Bazaar bundle. The bundle contains the gig bag, which aside from keeping the instrument safe from specks of dust and scratches, it consists of an exterior zipper pocket for minor accessories as well as backpack straps. The Austin Bazaar bundle also include the clip-on tuner with which you can tune your instrument into any setting. And finally, there is the Austin Bazaar polishing cloth, which you can use to wipe your instrument clean after a playing session.

Features of Luna Uke Bamboo Concert Ukulele

Unique Body Construction with Bamboo

As the name suggests, bamboo wood is used for the construction of this Uke, but with a difference; it comes with a natural appearance that offers eye-pleasing aesthetic value. Due to the exceptional body construction that emits excellent tonal qualities, this Luna Uke will be easy to handle for beginners and serves as the perfect instrument to play various genres and playing styles for versatile players. Furthermore, most people would agree that bamboo is a sustainable tone-wood that provide environmentally friendly construction for the enthusiast of an earth-loving groove.

Moon Phase Inlays

The Luna Uke is designed with pearl moon phase decorations, which is a signature of Luna. Aside from the elegant appearance which the inlays offer, the pearl moon symbolizes absolute purity.

Mahogany Neck and Walnut Fingerboard

Crafted with Mahogany, the neck of this Uke generates rhythm, resonance, and warmth. Also, it possesses a natural ability to react exceptionally to various playstyles and techniques. The neck is designed with a C shaped profile that enables a convenient playing experience regardless of the playing position. Additionally, the C shaped profile helps to prevent the possibility of hand cramps.

On top of the smooth neck lies a walnut fingerboard which provides perfect balance and the much-needed warmth to the entire tone. A more pleasing aspect is the pearl dot inlays crafted around the walnut fingerboard to offer eye-catching magnificence.

Concert Body Size

From the name, you would understand that this Uke comes in a concert body size. Concert size is a bit larger than the classical soprano, which makes it handy for Ukulele players having larger fingers and those who desire a balanced tone. With this body size, it is the perfect piece for concert playing as it gives melodic, fuller, and in-depth tones. The Ukulele beginners will enjoy this masterpiece as the Uke is made of longer scale length that carries the notes longer and comfortably.

Pros and Cons


  1. Exquisite design
  2. Highly compact and light-weighted
  3. Perfect for beginners and top-players
  1. Excellent construction with Mahogany
  2. High durability and great sound


  1. It may require proper tuning at first play


To get a reliable and durable Ukulele that can meet – and even surpass – your expectations, there is a need to deal with a reputable brand. Currently, among the most reliable and trustworthy Ukulele manufacturers out there is Luna. This brand gives top-priority to expression, great tonal quality, and pleasing aesthetic value.

By now, you will agree with us that the Luna Uke Bamboo Concert is a product that offers flair personality, not to mention the best stage performance that it provides. Whether you are a Ukulele beginner or versatile player, this Uke will definitely worth every penny spent as you would experience a great playing time.

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