Luna Mahogany Series – Honu Soprano Ukulele REVIEW

21 inch
Rosewood, Nato

Finding the right brand and model of ukulele can make a big difference in how enjoyable an instrument is to play. The cheapest ukes are little more than toys, and tuning them or getting a pleasant tone can be frustrating. With just a little more financial investment in a well-made ukulele, musicians can easily find the perfect fit. Luna Honu Soprano Ukulele, a staple of Luna’s Mahogany series, is a great choice. It’s a well-built and beautiful instrument at a mid-range price. The Luna brand has a loyal following of musicians who love the artistic detailed craftsmanship and rich tone of their instruments.


Luna Honu Soprano Ukulele

  • 21″ soprano size
  • All mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Neck: Nato/mahogany
  • Satin finish
  • Honu laser-etched design
  • 12 frets
  • Mother-of-pearl triangle inlay
  • Aquila strings
  • Uke open style tuner
  • Includes gig bag, tuner, and chord chart


A General Description of the Instrument:

Like other soprano ukuleles, Luna Honu Soprano Ukulele is twenty-one inches long. It has a traditional figure eight shape and comfortable nylon strings. This uke is crafted from beautiful mahogany wood and features a stylized sea turtle swimming over and around the hole. “Honu” is actually the Hawaiian name for the sea turtle, a Polynesian symbol of longevity and endurance. The turtle and the wood and both presented in monochrome shades of warm brown, giving it the appearance of a traditional Polynesian tattoo. Luna is noted for its attractive design. Instruments  stands out from other brands, and the Honu is one of their best sellers because of the island look.

What About the Quality of Materials?

In creating Luna Mahogany Series, mahogany is used on the body and rosewood in the fretboard and bridge saddle. These materials are a sign of a well-built instrument that is engineered to last for years. A few brands may make ukuleles out of koa, but they will cost the musician much more for a nearly identical tone. Ukuleles of poorer quality are often made from plywood, laminate, or even plastic. With painted designs that will wear off after extended playing. The turtle design, however, is etched on with a laser, meaning it will last for the life of the ukulele and not fade with use.


What is the Sound Quality Like?

The Luna Honu Soprano Ukulele has warm, cheerful tone that is a joy to play and listen to. Sometimes affordable ukuleles are described as “plingy”, like a toy guitar, but not the Luna. It’s playful and mellow. The hardware on the tuning head is made of chrome and pearl, and tuning is a breeze. Many professionals have chosen Luna as their go-to brand, especially those who want an instrument created up to traditional Hawaiian standards. If you’d like to hear it for yourself, there are several good demo videos available online that feature the Luna Honu, as well as a listing of pros who swear by the Luna brand.

What About Playing Comfort?

Luna was founded by Yvonne de Villiers, an artist who felt it was important for instruments to not only look and sound good, but feel good as well. The neck fits smoothly into your palm, and the strings are an easy reach. Because it weighs only a little over two pounds, it’s easy to practice for hours without feeling heavy. The body is finished with a satin touch, giving it a soft feel and natural look. This also protects the ukulele from dirt and minor spills without giving an artificially glossy appearance. With reasonable care and normal conditions, the Luna Honu Soprano Ukulele can be played daily for years without the edges scratching or splintering.


Other Helpful Information:

Luna’s fret markers are designed to resemble shark teeth, another fun element that gives this ukulele an island feel. The Mahogany Honu comes complete with its own gig bag, tuner, and chord chart. The soft gig bag has a classic black look and can be carried by the side handle or as a backpack. It fits perfectly and is lightly padded to protect the instrument from bumps on the go.

Final Thoughts:

Luna is a great brand for both new and experienced players. Their Honu Ukulele is definitely worth a closer look if you’re thinking of a new instrument. The only negative is that the brand may be a little harder to find in stores, but the hunt is worth it.

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