Best Luna Concert Ukuleles

Ukulele is like the cutest member of the Guitar family. The term Ukulele is derived from jumping flea because of the impression of the movements of the players on the fretboard. This instrument gained popularity due to the support of an old King of Hawaii.

As the American singers started composing music with a Hawaiian theme, Ukulele’s popularity also spread across the country. The small instrument is associated with Jazz music and became an icon of pop culture.

The presence of Ukulele has continued since the 1940s in the American Music. But in between the popularity declined a little bit but fortunately, they again became popular in the 1990s. Since then, Ukulele’s immense liking is increasing significantly.  

Its comeback is marked by some very popular songs and has reinforced countless YouTube and Concert performances by rock, folk and pop culture who have adopted the instrument.

Various types of Ukulele is available on the market, you will have to decide which type you want to buy. If you have ever been to a shop to buy a Ukulele, then you must have heard the Luna. Luna Guitars is the most famous company which design vintage, classic and modern musical instruments. The Ukulele is designed according to the purpose they are meant to serve.


Why Choose Luna?

Luna is the world’s most popular manufacturer of Guitar and Ukulele. The instruments are comfortable to be played and are affordable by the startup artists and the professionals too. Whether you have a concert or a small gathering, Luna’s Ukulele offer the best and beautiful designs to give you an amazing time.  The unique design inspired by the traditional Hawaiian art provides a wonderful connection to the beautiful islands.

Choosing the right Ukulele is a challenging task as you have to determine your needs and requirements. As long as the specification meets the expectation, it will be easy for you to choose the right Ukulele. So, we are recommending the top 4 types of Luna Concert Ukulele which would be perfect for all your needs.

Luna Vintage Concert Ukulele:

It was another addition in the Vintage Series of Luna. This Distressed Art Vintage Ukulele offers distinct features visually and in crafting too. The instrument is crafted with the ultimate wood selection to make it more appealing. Similar to its siblings, the vintage Ukulele will hit the sweet spot of the listener’s heart with its warm tone and a spruce wood top. The Mahogany back and sides are also like the cherry on top. It is built on Concert body shape with 15 scale length which is comfortable for most of the Ukulele enthusiasts. 

With this instrument, you will be able to maneuver from one chord to another with each strum. There is a cream ring around the sound hole and a single ply cream binding to help the musicians get a strong hand on the instrument. The songwriters and musicians will fall in love with the sharp features of the Vintage Concert Ukulele.

The Ukulele features Luna’s signature moon phase inlays to bring an elegant look to the instrument. The Concert Size is ideal for musicians who want a balanced tone. As the Concert Ukuleles are slightly bigger than the Soprano, they provide a couple more inches room to the arm. The instrument is designed for the right-hand people which means that the strumming will take place by the right hand and the frets are depressed by the left hand.

You can order this Ukulele and you will be getting a Gig bag, Clip-on Chromatic Tuner, and an Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth. The Bundle and Save packing contains everything you need to start playing it.

The Gig bag will keep the instrument free of dust and prevent it from any type of scratching. The Gig bag also has straps and an exterior zippered pocket to keep smaller accessories. The Clip-On tuner will work off vibration to tune any setting of your instrument. Finally, wipe your Ukulele with the Polishing cloth to put it down until you use it again.

Luna Bamboo Concert Ukulele:

The Luna Bamboo Ukulele series is the most stunning line of the incredible and exotic ukuleles especially made from Bamboo wood. The instrument comes with aesthetically-pleasing features with a unique stride. Luna has made a mark with this Bamboo Ukulele and added a new design to the mix which already includes Soprano, Concert, and Tenor.

The Bamboo Concert ukulele has 15 scale length, walnut bridge and fretboard, mahogany neck and the most beautiful pearl moon phase inlays. The leaf design around the sound hole is etched by a laser which leaves the people stunned by its beauty. The ripples along the natural bamboo wood body also add up to its beauty making it more impressive.

So, whether you are performing on stage or playing it in a sound and soothing environment, you will surely hear its sharp yet vibrant tone with every rhythmic strum. The best thing will be the fact that you can take it everywhere you go and it suits the players who possess different skill levels. A branded travel bag is also included with this Ukulele.  

This musical instrument will surely prove worthy to every buyer. You can easily buy one  an become a family member of Luna. You will also get the Bundle and Save offer similar to the other Luna’s products which include a Gig Bag, a polishing cloth, and a clip-on chromatic tuner. Luckily you will also get an Instructional CD to ease up the process of learning.

Luna Vintage Mahogany Concert Ukulele:

All Mahogany Ukulele is the most preferred instruments by the Ukulele’s enthusiast.  Thus, the Luna Vintage Mahogany Concert ukulele is also one of them.  Luna continues to display its creativity by introducing a complete family of Vintage Ukulele dressed in the Red Satin.

The Red Satin color complements the signature laser-etched rosette design around the sound hole and makes it more vivid. The sound is also exceptional sharp yet vibrant as compared to all the other members of the Mahogany family. And due to its sleek and quite different design, it is easy to keep the instrument in tune. The sturdy black open gears and mahogany body help to handle the ukulele with great ease.

You can join the Luna Tribe with this Red Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele as your first choice. The same Bundle and Save pack will be provided to you if you buy the ukulele from Amazon. The price is exceptional and quite reasonable. So hurry up and buy it instantly.

Luna Sahara Spruce Concert Ukulele:

When we are talking about Ukulele, how can we leave out the epic Sahara Spruce Concert ukulele from the list? If you are thinking of buying this instrument as your first ukulele, all we can say is that it will make you fall in love with the instrument and its voice. The Luna Sahara Spruce has a design which invokes the colors and mood of desert into the mind of people. The solid spruce top carries symmetrical design which relies on diamonds and triangles shape.

It also features straight lines inside the geometric shapes which are pointed outwards which gives an incredibly unique look. The color on the top matches perfectly with the mahogany back and sides. This Sahara Ukulele combines a beautiful and authentic form with function. The Spruce Ukulele have a construction quality with the most astonishing sound to make it the finest instruments in the market.

It comes with the standard spruce top, Pearloid tuners, rosewood bridge and fretboard which simply adds sustenance and clarity in the tone of the Ukulele. The Single-ply cream neck and the body binding comes with a Satin natural finish. You can carry the instrument with you anytime, anywhere easily.

The Sahara Spruce Concert Ukulele also comes with the Bundle and Save pack which includes the Gig Bag, tuner, and a polish cloth. You can buy it and also get the benefits of the assistance of the customer service of Luna’s. The happy to go staff will assist you in every step of learning.

All the instruments of Luna’s are highly resistant and have a very strong exterior body so that the instrument can survive for a long time. The bundle that comes with the Ukulele comes in handy in the time of need. Even the tuner is totally worth to have. With Luna, you will surely get a beautiful and unique instrument in every aspect. Moreover, the price range is also very reasonable. All the instruments designed by Luna are price effective and affordable by every single person.   

You will love to own any of the above listed Ukulele and its sound even more. Luna is the best brand if you are thinking to buy your first Ukulele as it is the only brand which offers value with variety.

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