Luna Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Review

27.8 x 14 x 2.8 inches
Rosewood, Mahogany

The Luna Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele is the perfect ukulele for all players, but especially for beginners. This specific ukulele is made by a reliable Luna brand that has created a truly gorgeous instrument.

Luna guitar company Co-founded by Yvonne de Villiers, the accomplished stained-glass artist envisioned a company that would reflect designs as unique as those who would play them.

She drew much of her inspiration from her bass playing mother. Yvonne always believed that customers should not just be seen as sales transactions but rather as part of a larger close knit family – the Luna Tribe.  Let’s try to look more in to this great instrument closer!



Luna Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

  • Dimensions – 27.8 x 14 x 2.8 inches
  • Dexterity – Right Handed
  • Number of frets – 18
  • Fretboard – Rosewood
  • Neck and body – Mahogany
  • Weight – 5 pounds
  • Nut – Graphite (OEM)
  • Tuners – Open Gear
  • Bridge – Rosewood
  • Finish – Satin Natural

No Disappointment

As someone who has been playing for quite sometime, I would purchase this in a heartbeat, eager to hear how renditions of my favorite songs sound resonating off of its strings. The strings stay in tune without much struggle and it plays absolutely wonderfully. The sound quality alone is reason to pick up one for yourself.

There will be absolutely no disappointment. It will have a resonant sound that truly is the best balance of acoustic and electric qualities. This allows it to be one of the ultimate ukuleles for concert purposes.


Luna Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele case


Natural Performance

It is made up of a beautiful deep wood and features a tattoo etched into its body. It’s light and fits comfortably in your hands. The wood used has allowed the instrument to be strong and sturdy despite being small. It will truly fill up the room and stand out in recordings. Don’t hesitate to use this to cover songs or write your own.

It has natural performance qualities that really lends itself to any performance environment. It is perfect for coffeehouse performances, covers of well-known songs an additional instrument to a band and more.

As an added instrument to an ensemble, it holds its own and presents itself as a force to be reckoned with despite blending beautifully with other instruments. As a brand, Luna sets itself apart by featuring a unique design, allowing for great performance courtesy of the creative use of its mahogany base.

Tatoo etching

The tattoo etching on that body was one of the deciding factors for me. It looks amazing in person and will certainly stand out from any other version of the instrument out there. It emits a warm tone while still keeping the typical sound of the instrument.

It’s extremely comfortable to hold and play, hence why it’s the perfect choice for a beginner. However, the ease of play does not diminish the actual quality. This is a solid and trusty choice.

Major Perk

The strings are light and just fine enough so that your fingers won’t hurt while playing, which many will agree is common occurrence while playing guitar. The hours it can take to learn chords or a new song will be fun and well-spent rather than painful because the strings were too thick. Don’t worry about having to replace the strings often.


Luna Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele head


These will stay strong for a decent amount of time. This is a major perk for those who are looking to cut the cost of string replacements that often plague players. This is why it is a desirable choice for both beginning players and professionals. It requires little upkeep and still plays amazingly. It’s instantly ready for you to play it whenever inspiration hits.

Affordable Option

It will not fail to impress even the most seasoned of players. Overall, I would say it is my top choice out of the many options out there. There is really no way you can go wrong by selecting this Luna Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele.

It truly does everything a player could want and it’s an affordable option for the great quality you’re getting out of it.

This instrument will rock your world and the worlds of those around you. Its gorgeous features will leave others envious of your choice and you wanting to show it off any chance you get. The deep wood finish gives it a professional look that automatically makes those around you take the instrument seriously.

The etching makes it stand out and adds and artsy flair that other options just don’t possess.

Lucky to be holding

The strings are easy to play for every level of player and consistently stay in tune. The Luna Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele as whole will stay in great condition no matter how much its being played. It’s made of quality products and it shows.

The music that comes from this instrument has some of the best tones. It really fits in extremely well in an ensemble setting, but also stands independently. It is perfect for solo creations and for giving an old song a new touch.

The bright and warm qualities allow for it to emit balanced music. Anyone playing this model is lucky to be holding such a well-made instrument in their hands. It is distinguished among its competitors and will grant you the experience that you’re looking for in the instrument. You can’t go wrong here. Play on!



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