Top 4 Strings for Soprano Ukulele

Today we wanted to tell you about some of the best strings that market provide. We picked 4 Companies, 4 types of strings, 4 different materials.

Our idea was simple – don’t compare them or tell who makes them better or what type of strings to use. We just tried to explain what each of the company model provide us with. Let’s start with introduction in to the string world.

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Today most common set of strings for Ukulele goes with string G-high, that means that your tuning will be G-high, but there is a G-low tuning as well.

Its up to you what to choose, but its preferable to have 2 Ukuleles to be ready for playing all songs, because some of the songs needs a traditional G-high tuning and some prefer G-low.  The size of high G and low G are both about .026″-.040″.

To change your Ukulele tuning from G-high to G-low you just need to change one string and by the name of tuning you can guess that its G string (Top string on your Ukulele).

Some of the models goes with set of 4+1 strings ( 4 strings G-high,C,E and A + 1 string G-low), that means if you prefer to use G-low that you have that option.


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If you bought new set of strings and it doesn’t include G-low string and you can’t find set of strings that have one, just buy a classic guitar set and use D string, it will sound like G-low from original Ukulele set of strings.

Positioning of your strings should be like this – top string (4th) is G, then 3rd is C, 2nd is E and finally, 1st is A. Its that simple, easy to remember, hard to forget.

If you ever where wondering why some of the strings squeaks and some not, than answer is simple – Wound  strings squekes and Unwound doesn’t.

It’s a matter or taste, but be careful if you want to switch from one to another, its better to stick to one type if it was originally used on a instrument.

Changing from wound to unwound or opposite can affect your nut and eventually it will be needed a replacement.

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Aquila AQ-4 New Nylgut

The AQ-4 New Nylgut strings for Soprano ukuleles, made by the Italian company Aquila. Every package contains set of four white ukulele strings.

This model should be tuned to high G, in which subsequent strings are tuned to respectively G, C, E and A.

Made from a composite material, called Nylgut, which is basically a blend of three different synthetic components.


Aquila New Nylgut AQ-4 Soprano Ukulele Strings


Nylgut was developed to capture the playability and feel of gut, without the usual drawbacks of synthetic materials. For example, AQ-4 strings absorb less than 0.1 percent moisture, whereas nylon absorbs 2 percent.

This means that they will display a higher tuning stability and a more accurate intonation.

Aquila’s AQ-4s are designed to make your ukulele sound better than nylon or PVDF, without the typical metallic tones.

A more refined choice than either gut or nylon, Aquila’s AQ-4s will bring out the best of your soprano ukulele.


D’Addario EJ88C Nyltech

D’Addario Fretted is a family company that has been manufacturing strings for over a hundred years.

The EJ88S is a set of four strings designed specifically for a Soprano ukulele, which is an instrument with scale length of 15” (or 33 cm).

This strings, with gauges of 0.024”, 0.030”, 0.036”, and 0.026”, should be tuned to G, C, E, and A, which is the standard tuning for a concert ukulele.

They are made from Nyltech, a composite synthetic material developed in collaboration with Aquila.


D'Addario EJ88S Nyltech Ukulele Strings


Nyltech EJ88S sounds very warm yet punchy, with similar overtones as genuine gut. These ukulele strings are made in the United States of America to ensure a consistently high quality.

Nyltech, by absorbing significantly less moisture than other synthetic materials, delivers an exceptionally high tuning stability and an improved intonation.

Company not only sets the standard for the quality of strings very high, they are also pioneers when it comes to environmentally friendly practices.

The packaging of their strings, for example, is designed to reduce waste while protecting them from corrosion.

Whoever says quality and sustainability can not go together, D’Addario just proved them wrong.


Martin M-600 Standard Crystal

The renown acoustic guitar manufacturer Martin & Co. produces a set of ukulele strings known as M-600 Standard Crystal.

With gauges of 0.0216”, 0.0340”, 0.0256”, and 0.0191”, this set is intended for a soprano or concert-sized instrument.

String should be tuned to standard GCEA tuning. Martin M-600 Standard Crystals are manufactured in the United States of America.

Although these white strings are made from nylon, they do not have the usual tendency of becoming sticky when they heat up from playing.


Martin M600 Standard Ukulele Strings


String elongation is minimal due to the high tensile strength of the core. This means that your instrument becomes in tune rapidly after restringing and holds tuning for a longer time.

In addition, the strong core creates a richer harmonic content.

At their most basic, these acoustic strings are mellow-sounding with clear, bell-like tones.

However, when electrically amplified they also produce a rich tone. These high-quality strings are wrapped individually and have an exceptional longevity.

When you put Martin’s M-600s on your soprano or concert ukulele, you won’t have to restring it for a very long time, leaving more time for playing.


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Oasis UKE 8001 bright

Oasis is an American company that manufactures humidifiers. They know how to create the best environment for your instrument to reduce the risk of cracking.

The company also makes strings for both electric and classical guitars, as well as ukuleles.

With gauges of 0.0215”, 0.027”, 0.030”, and 0.029”, their UKE 8001 bright ukulele strings should be tuned to respectively A, E, C, and low G.

This round wound low G is made from a nylon core wrapped with copper/silver wire.

This is inspired by the technology used in the bass strings of their very successful Sustenuto™ series for classical guitar. This set differs from the fluorocarbon-composed UKE 8000s, which contains a high G string.


Oasis Bright Low G Ukulele Strings


Company offers yet another alternative in the form of a smooth wound low G string. It features a round phosphor bronze wire that is wrapped around a nylon core and then compressed until the bronze wire becomes semi-flat.

This technology was developed to reduce the annoying string squeak that is commonly associated with roundwound strings.

The three highest UKE 8001 bright strings are made from a fluorocarbon monofilament. They can be strung on a soprano, concert, or tenor instrument.

However, they possess the remarkable feature of being exceptionally long.

Coming in at 63 inches, they are long enough to be cut in half, potentially producing two sets rather than just one.

UKE 8001s, contrasting Oasis’s UKE 8101 warm-sounding set, deliver a bright sound. For the development of these complementary sets, the company worked closely together with a leading ukulele internet forum.


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