Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele Review

26.5 x 13 x 4.5 inches
Rosewood, Nato

Looking for an instrument without knowing precisely what do you want from it may be problematic. If you are searching for a high-quality ukulele you might be digging in a right direction. It is hard finding the perfect instrument. There is always some disadvantage that will torture you. Therefore, in this review, we will be presenting Lanikai LU-21C concert ukulele from one of the best, most famous brands and manufacturers in the ukulele market.

Anyway, we will be talking not only about its good, but also about its bad side, and possible ways of solving those problematic bad sides.


Lanikai LU-21C

  • Dimensions – 26.5 x 13 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight – 2,2 pounds
  • Dexterity – Right Handed
  • Number of frets – 18
  • Fretboard – Rosewood
  • Body – Nato
  • Tuners – Chrome Die-Cast
  • Bridge – Rosewood


In general, LU series of Lanikai ukuleles are the most popular ones and the most affordable as well. These are the perfect first stop for acoustic multi-instrumentalists that are looking to expand their tonal palette or on the other hand, first-time players that are just beginning their lifelong love of music.

Anyhow, all the instruments from LU series include an instruction booklet for the beginners to guide them through the early stage of their learning.

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A short overview

When it comes to the LU series of ukuleles, Lanikai offers a wide range of high-quality ukuleles, which price belong to an affordable price point category, making this instrument highly valuable. Now, with only 2.2 pounds heavy instrument and its dimensions of 26.5 x 13 x 4.5 inches, this Lanikai LU-21C belongs to a lightweight category, hence, the ukulele is super portable.

Also, the finest materials that are being used for this ukulele are making it extra comfortable while playing, with a feeling of flow that should never stop. Not only that, but these materials are also increasing the quality of the sound, as well as durability of the ukulele.

Manufacturer specs, details, features:

  1. Nato top, back, and side- As we earlier mentioned, the manufacturer is using these finest materials in order to expand the limits of quality and durability of one ukulele. Therefore nato top, back and side are making not only this ukulele’s sound quality extraordinary but also its remarkable design.
  2. Rosewood fingerboard- One of the most common materials for the fingerboard to be made of is rosewood. With 18 frets and this material to be made of, you will be able to fully enjoy playing this instrument.
  3. White binding- When it comes to a design, there is a white binding that makes a fine contrast of a rosewood fretboard, as well as tinted finish. The design might be one of the most important things when it comes to a beginner’s eye. We can say that this marvelous design follows the overall performance of the ukulele.
  4. 18 frets with inlay dots- With 18 frets on a fretboard that is made from one of the best materials for a fretboard to be made, and tiny dot inlays starting from the 5th fret, you will be able to easily, with much comfort, navigate through this guitar’s fretboard.
  5. The size of a violin- This is the best way of describing the size of this concert ukulele. With this portable, small-sized instrument, you won’t be having problems carrying it around or to a different location. Also, with a gig bag and this instrument on your back, you might forget of carrying it on- it’s almost unnoticeable.

Advantages and highlights of Lanikai LU-21C concert ukulele


  • Great performance of Lanikai LU-21C concert ukulele:

When it comes to the performance of this concert ukulele, we can say that it excels on every single field. First of all, there are high-quality strings that will together with resonating box make an extraordinary sound.

The brand new strings may require some time to stretch and break into the point where they will not require frequent tuning. Once they stretch, you won’t be having often problems with tuning your ukulele. Once tuned, it may remain like that for over a week of constant practicing.

Furthermore, for even better experience and performance, there is an instructional DVD and clip-on tuner to help you improve even faster than usual ukulele player would.

Lanikai LU-21C whole

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  • Amazing design:

Whole Lanikai brand tends to make the ukulele with a good design. Every single one from LU series has an astonishing design. This little, compact, concert ukulele with its white binding that makes a nice contrast of the red-tinted finish as well as rosewood fingerboard will simply take your breath on the first glimpse.

Lanikai LU-21C close

  • Strong and durable:

Anyhow, every professional musician or even rookie one demands some durability of their instrument. When it comes to this brand, every single ukulele from LU series is a story for itself when it comes to durability.

We have previously said that Lanikai uses only high-quality materials for ukulele body and fretboard. Therefore, nato top, back and sides with rosewood fretboard will make this ukulele serve you for a long time without any drops and decays of a quality.

Also, there is a gig bag to increase the durability of your ukulele. It’s highly important that you treat your instrument well and by the rules. The more you follow them, the more will your instrument serve you without major changes in quality over the time.

Lanikai LU-21C head

  •  Great for beginners as well as experienced players:

Simply speaking, this so-called concert ukulele is great for beginners. There is an amazing feature for beginners- Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD for those struggling with chords, setting up ukulele and more.

This will help you skip the first few steps in learning that sometimes require more than a month to overcome. Simply speaking, Lanikai is giving you a shortcut for learning, with this simple equipment that comes with the ukulele.

  • The price:

First of all, this ukulele belongs to an affordable price point category. What you get is a high-valued instrument which will excel in each field- durability, performance, and quality. For this price, you will have a super-worthy instrument in which you’ll fall in love.

  • Portability:

As we mentioned earlier, the body of this concert ukulele is small-sized, and it weighs only 2.2 pounds. The gig bag that comes with this ukulele will allow you to carry it around. Let’s you forget that there is ukulele on your back, since its negligible weights.

  • Other features:

Anyhow, this ukulele comes with a couple of gadgets that can be useful. Namely, there is a gig bag, in which you can carry your ukulele and protect it from the outside world. Also, the gig bag has small inside compartment that can comfortably hold a tuner, cloth or a strap.

On the outside of the gig bag, there is a pocket big enough for the book that comes with it or some of your book with chords of the songs you wish to play. The bag has a handle like that on the suitcase and a strap which can be worn in 4 different ways or taken off completely.

Secondly, there is a clip-on tuner. This tuner will help you remain your tune during the performance. With its clip-on possibility, you can attach it to the neck of the ukulele and keep an eye on your tune.

Furthermore, there is an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD for the beginners. It will help a beginner to learn basics about chords, setting up the ukulele and many more things. This comes to a great aid to those that are meeting this instrument for the first time. The instructional DVD will speed up beginner’s learning and minimize the time spent in it.

Finally, there is an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth that will help you maintain and clean your guitar. No matter how high-quality ukulele is, if you don’t clean and maintain it properly, it will lose its value and performance eventually.

Disadvantages and potential flaws of Lanikai LU-21C concert ukulele

  • The tuning- Apparently, one of the biggest downsides of this ukulele is its tuning. Namely, after 30 minutes of playing, it is impossible for this ukulele to stay tuned. Strings are easily losing their position and it may be really annoying tuning it every 30 minutes of playing.

Anyway, one possible solution is restringing the instrument, but there is no guarantee that this problem will disappear after doing it.

On the other hand, you might have this problem only for a few weeks like with every other string instrument. Until the strings are stretched and suited, after multiple tunings.

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We may conclude that the Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele is a high-quality ukulele with a great performance and excellent durability. It belongs to an affordable price point category, which will bring you a high-valued ukulele to your collection.

Furthermore, we have pointed all the good and bad sides of the ukulele. You can see that the bad side in this review can be easily overcome by persistent actions of tuning. Therefore, the overall impression is way above “great” compliment.

Finally, we hope that you find everything needed in this survey for deciding if this particular brand and model is suitable for you.


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