Hola! Ukulele HM-427SSR Limited Edition Review

29 x 11.5 x 5 inches
Rosewood, Mahogany



If you happen to be a true ukulele lover, you are in the right spot. Namely, we are here to talk about one of the best tenor ukuleles that can be found on the market – Hola! Ukulele HM-427SSR. Anyhow, we will start discussing this tenor ukulele in general, and later on, we will talk about its features, pros, and cons.

Therefore, you will be provided with the most important information about this tenor ukulele, so you can be the judge if this one is truly a ukulele for you. Also, we will mention the overall value for the cash that this ukulele holds. Therefore, you will know what to expect and how to rate the value of this ukulele.

About Hola! Ukulele HM-427SSR Limited Edition

  • Dimensions – 29 x 11.5 x 5 inches
  • Body length – 27″ Overall
  • Weight –  6.6 pounds
  • Number of frets – 18 silver nickel frets
  • Neck – Nato
  • Fretboard – Rosewood
  • Body – Acacia
  • Tuners – Geared, die-cast chrome tuners with rubber pegs
  • Bridge – Rosewood
  • Bone Nut and Saddle
  • Premium Italian Aquila Nylgut strings
  • Inlaid wooden rope Binding and Rosette


First, we need to say something more about the Hola! Music. Namely, this brand is known for their top class music instruments and music accessories. Also, they are capable of offering the high-quality and pretty valuable ukuleles which anyone can enjoy.

In other words, this brand is very reliable and trustworthy when it comes to the quality of the musical instruments and music accessories. Therefore, we strongly recommend this brand if you want to get ukulele that is both ‘’top class’’ and ‘’affordable’’.

Now, before we start to discuss the pros and the cons, we first need to say something about this tenor ukulele in general.

A short overview

Hola! Ukulele HM-427SSR Limited Edition is a professional music instrument with a lot of things to offer for anyone. It is built with the finest materials which result in the nearly perfect design beauty and style. Never the less, this ukulele is a top class recommendation for professionals who care about the quality of the sound.

Most of the ukulele lovers fall in love with this exact ukulele on the first glance. That is only because of the perfect shaped body and neck of the ukulele. Also, the materials really boost the overall quality of this music instrument.

Simply speaking, if you know anything more about ukuleles in general, you will be able to recognize the true value in this one. Not only that this ukulele holds pretty good value, but also is considered as one of the most beautiful and elegant ukuleles out there.

Ukulele HM-427SSR bundle

Manufacturer specs, details, features

Now, in order to represent this ukulele to its fullest, we will simply list some of the top class feature that this ukulele holds. Have in mind that all these features are boosting the quality of the ukulele in general and that they are pretty important for any musical instrument.

1) 430mm Tenor Scale – Considering the fact that this tenor ukulele has a 430mm tenor scale, you will be able to perform on it with enjoyment. Also, the sound quality of this brand ukulele is absolutely perfect.

2) 27 Inches Overall Length – Not only that this ukulele is compact and easy to carry around, but also it is pretty comfortable to hold and play on. Because of the overall length of 27 inches, this ukulele excels in the field of performance.

3) Solid Spruce top – The top of this ukulele is made out of the solid spruce which results in the pretty good durability. Never the less, the spruce material is also contributing to the design beauty overall.

4) Ebony Back and Sides – The ebony on the back and the sides of this ukulele is making it absolutely breathtaking and elegant. Some even consider this ukulele to be a top class ‘’classic’’ musical instrument because of the design.

5) Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge – Well, the fingerboard and the bridge are possibly the most important parts of any ukulele. They need to be out of the finest materials, and that is the case with our Hola! Ukulele Music HM-427SSR ukulele.

6) 18 Silver Nickel Frets – Only the best musical instruments contain all these specifications and features like this ukulele. Namely, the sound quality is guaranteed to be on the top level.

7) High Precision Golden Machine Heads (18:1 ratio) – You just know that you can’t go wrong with a ukulele that has all these features. Namely, with the golden machine heads, you can perform much better in any field of music brand.

8) Premium Italian Aquila Nylgut Strings – Anyhow, these strings are known as the most valuable and high-quality strings out there.

After everything we said about this ukulele’s features and specifications, it is now time to talk about pros and cons. We will try to describe them to you widely in order to give you the full insight of this ukulele.

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Advantages and highlights of Hola! Ukulele HM-427SSR Limited Edition

Let’s see those advantages and highlights of this magnificent ukulele for with a nearly perfect sound quality.

Splendid Performance of the Hola! Ukulele HM-427SSR:

When we talk about the performance of this ukulele, we can surely say that it really excels in every field. Not only that this ukulele is capable of providing the great sound quality for the player, but also is really comfortable to play.

Now, some of the features really boost the performance and contributes to the overall sound quality making it pretty great. First, the Aquila strings are really great for those who like a little bit softer touch. Second, the overall shape and materials really boost the quality of the sound and performance overall. Third, this ukulele has an 18 silver nickel frets that are by the opinion of the professional musicians, one of the best choice.

Breathtaking Design:

At first glance, this ukulele is really catching the eye of anyone who likes elegant and top class instruments. Well, that is only because of the materials and the shape of the ukulele guitar in general. Namely, the solid spruce top and the ebony back and sides are really making this ukulele beautiful.

The design is not only contributing to the looks and appearance, but also to the performance as well. Considering the quality of the materials, we can say for sure that this ukulele is made out of the finest and top class materials out there.

Ukulele HM-427SSR body

Strong and Durable:

Most of the professional musicians that play ukulele worry about their instruments being damaged on the road. Well, this is not the case with our Hola! Ukulele HM-427SSR. Namely, because of the SOLID spruce top that perfectly fits in the body of the ukulele, the durability is pretty high.

The spruce is a very strong type of wood and it resists the pressure, therefore, your ukulele will be safe even on the bumpiest roads.

Ukulele HM-427SSR side


Other features:

This ukulele comes equipped with the padded gig bag, strap and picks, and much more. Namely, the gig bag is a really good-looking musician accessory and it comes quite in handy for ukuleles like this one. The strap and picks are there to ensure you to have a bonus accessory if you need them.

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This ukulele is a great gift:

If you happen to have someone who is a true ukulele lover and player as well, then you should definitely consider this ukulele as a gift to them. Simply speaking, this ukulele has everything that one player needs and requires to make a good performance.

Ukulele HM-427SSR head

The price:

This ukulele belongs to the affordable price point category and it holds pretty much the highest value for the cash on the market. Simply speaking, pretty much anyone can afford to buy this ukulele. On the other hand, everything that is included is probably making great deal considering the price is not that big.

Disadvantages and potential flaws of Hola! Ukulele HM-427SSR Limited Edition

The disadvantages of this ukulele are not the major flaws or anything that can lower its performance and value that much. Note that every con and flaw of this ukulele is simply a normal thing about instruments in general.

The fret edges are rough:

Well, the fret edges are pretty important for some people and this ukulele has a little bit rough fret edges. This might cause a slight problem in the performance but the sound quality and the tone of the ukulele remains great.

The strings:

The strings on this ukulele are a little bit softer than on the other ukulele brands. Therefore, the strings need to be replaced more often which makes the overall maintaining process more complicated. Simply speaking, the strings can also break if you apply to much pressure.

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With everything we said about this ukulele for professionals, we can only add that the value is massive. However, this ukulele holds pretty good value for the cash and it is a great thing to have.

We hope that you found everything you need to know about this ukulele in general. Therefore, it is only up to you now to decide if this brand model ukulele is for you.

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  2. This is my first Ukulele. I reviewed lots of different brands. I started playing it and really loved the sound and the comfort of playing it. This ukulele is very nice looking and made of top quality material. Im going to change the strings to get a louder sound . This is a beautiful ukulele. The price is affordable for the amount product that comes in the bundle . Great instrument.

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