Makanu Tenor Mahogany Ukulele REVIEW

26 inch
Agathis, Mahogany

This exquisite Makanu Tenor Mahogany ukulele is ideal for early beginners. If you are looking to start a new hobby or long time ukulele aficionados to add to their collection. With its sturdy mahogany build and smooth quality design, it can be set on display as a part of your home decor. When it’s not in use, although you’ll want to play this often just to hear its melodious song. The nylon strings reduce the annoying and unnecessary buzz against the fretboard and ease pressure on beginner hands and fingertips.

Makanu Tenor Mahogany Ukulele

  • Body, Bridge saddle – Agathis
  • Frets – 18
  • Neck – Mahogany
  • Weight – 2.6 pounds
  • Size – 26 inch ukulele

This beauty, Makanu Tenor Mahogany Ukulele is mid-sized ukulele made from genuine mahogany wood. It has four durable nylon strings and a silver-geared tuning head. The strong neck and larger frets on the neck of this instrument make this a friendlier, more wieldy option for those with larger hands who may struggle with the miniscule dimensions of the soprano ukulele. Both the body and the bridge saddle are comprised of glossy mahogany wood. Giving it a beautiful warm and reddish hue and a subtle reflective sheen.

The material also proves to be sturdy and long-lasting, resistant to unnatural warping under proper care. An Instrument of Utility and Beauty. After initial tuning of the instrument to the standard G-C-E-A arrangement, this beautiful ukulele holds its tune for a long period of time, keeping musicians’ fingers strumming, picking and playing instead of always having to stop to retune or adjust the strings.

Why Choose a Mid-Sized Ukulele

There are three other types of ukuleles besides this one including the soprano which is the smallest and the largest of them all, the baritone. However this slightly larger model has a subtly deeper, fuller sound that is much more pleasant to the ear when unaccompanied by other instruments or played with others. This particular model also provides much more room for larger hands to maneuver easily and swiftly without it being unaccommodating to small hands, unlike the much larger baritone ukuleles that can be awkward to handle for some.

The tension is usually intentionally a bit tighter on this type of uke, keeping its tuning for much longer stretches at a time. The longer fretboard also allows for a larger scale in playable notes as well as the ability for higher notes to be played than on a smaller model. The added bulk that comes with the deeper voice of this uke ultimately only equates to approximately three or four inches total, so it still maintains the portability while achieving a deeper resonance.

When it comes to price, it may be more expensive initially but you will end up saving in the end by having a longer lasting, sturdier instrument with fewer string breaks, therefore cutting down on the annoying errand of finding and purchasing replacement strings constantly.

Additional Considerations

This instrument resonates much better than the traditional soprano uke, but its tone does not carry as loudly or as deeply as the larger versions. However, with the fuller, more resonant song of the larger instruments comes the sacrifice of portability, as the baritone uke looks and feels like a small to mid-sized guitar to most players.
That being said, if you want an instrument that is easily accessible to snatch up at a moment’s notice for a quick jam session in your friend’s living room, strap it on to your backpack for a camping weekend with your loved ones or strum along with your bandmates at the next coffee house gig, the Makanu Tenor Mahogany Ukulele is the perfect choice, giving you the most quality and versatility for the best price.

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