Honsing Soprano Ukulele 21-inch REVIEW


When you’re in the market for a new ukulele, whether for yourself or for a beginner, the options can be overwhelming. It seems like a new instrument is popping up on the market every day! Thankfully, a new quality instrument isn’t out of your reach. The Honsing Soprano Ukulele 21-inch instrument is a fantastic option for beginners and veterans alike.


Honsing Soprano Ukulele

  • Weight – 1,5 pounds
  • Dimensions – 22.4 x 8.7 x 3.1 inches
  • Frets – 12 or 15
  • Body – Basswood
  • Colors – Sunburst, Blue Pattern, Gradient Rainbow, Rainbow Stripes, Wood

First of all

Let’s start with maybe the best part: It comes in different colors! All made of the same basswood, the options are almost limitless, and the instrument can express the master’s personality perfectly. That’s definitely a plus – something you don’t often see with many professional-grade instruments.As for music quality, the sound hole is perhaps not quite as effective as it could be. Other instruments make richer music, but for the price, it’s a drop in the bucket. Besides, that’s only one element in creating a classic uke-sound. The strings are smooth and easy to pluck once you get the hang of it.

Small but Good

Beginners, they may feel a bit stiff or brittle, but similar to guitar, your hands get used to them in time. On the plus side: no calluses! The bridge holds them in place, and they’re easy to tune. The neck is nice and smooth, and the fretboard is solid, with very clear ridges differentiating the frets. Ever have your finger slip too easily from one fret to another, just to have you mess up the chord? With this instrument, that’s absolutely not happening. Overall, the instrument is very comfortable to use.

It’s a little bit on the bulky side, and the wood has a tendency to feel a little bit too light. However, this is coming from a seasoned guitar player. Once you became accustomed to the unique way of holding a uke, the muscle memory kicked in, and it was like riding a bicycle. That’s one thing to definitely keep in mind: while playing this looks similar to playing a guitar, the similarities are little more than superficial. Guitars are an entirely different beast, right down to the way you hold them, and how they are played. If you are a beginner, don’t go into playing the ukulele thinking that it’s going to be a walk in the park. You’ll likely end up frustrated, and there’s no fun in that. Don’t jeopardize your love for your new instrument by discarding it. Check out some tutorials. They’re here to help.

Advantages and Disadvantages

That brings us to some advantages and disadvantages of using this Honsing Soprano Ukulele in particular. A big one: if you’re looking to create rich, deep noise? This instrument is not for you. You’ll want to pick up something capable of producing that kind of music, such as a guitar, or a violin, or try one of the ukes from bigger price range. These instruments are small and are easy for beginners to pick up. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad, or count them out of the game entirely. However, these instruments are known for their light, twangy kinds of music. This instrument is well-made, and it does that job right for its price. Just make sure that this is what you’re looking for before you take the leap and purchase.


And now, we find ourselves right back to where we started: the colors. This might be the epitome of ukes. We’re not exaggerating. Sure, it might be inexpensive. Still, it’s solidly built, gives you the right sound, and have you seen those colors? It’s so easy to imagine yourself lounging on the beach, strumming out a favorite island jam. Once you get used to it, it’s easy to hold, and easy to play. The wood of the body is solid. It does fall out of tune, but all you have to do is twist them right back up. Then, your uke will play as good as new. Because of that, I’ll have to rate the Honsing Soprano Ukulele 21-inch as good for its money. Lean back, catch some sun, enjoy some island beverages. Grab some coconut, slather on some suntan lotion, and let this uke take you to placid shores.

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