Kala MK-B Makala Baritone Ukulele Review

Mahogany, Rosewood

The Kala MK-B Makala Ukulele is an excellent instrument that all people alike, experienced musicians or not, can find something they enjoy about it. This Kala instrument will produce rich, deep vibrations to delight the ears of any listener.


Kala MK-B Makala Ukulele

  • Top – Agathis
  • Back & Sides – Agathis
  • Neck –  Mahogany
  • Fretboard – Rosewood ( 18 Frets )
  • Bridge –  Rosewood
  • Finish –  Matt
  • Tuners –  Open Geared Tuners, Cream Buttons
  • Strings –  GHS Black Nylon Strings

Quality of Instrument

The Kala MK-B Makala Ukulele is constructed with quality materials. It features a mahogany wood neck as well as an agathis body and head. In addition, it has a rosewood fretboard and bridge to add to the impressive aesthetics of this instrument.

With an overall satin finish, it is safe to say that this instrument is of high quality design and structure. The geared tuners and sturdy tuning head make it easy to tune the instrument smoothly and efficiently. This instrument also comes equipped with a sturdy bridge saddle.

Performance Quality

No matter how good an instrument may look, it is critical to determine if the sound quality matches the material and design quality. Looks can definitely be deceiving. With over 500 reviews of this instrument on Amazon, over 90% of the reviews gave the Kala MK-B Ukulel a rating of 4 or 5 out of 5. In fact, the overall average rating is 4.5 which is reflected by the satisfaction echoed in the comments. Many people comment on how good it performs. Because it is a baritone instrument, the vibrations produced are lower in pitch giving it a nice, large sound to it. Some users compare it to a guitar because of its larger sound board.

Kala MK-B Makala Baritone Ukulele

Comfortableness of Use

The great thing about this Kala MK-B Makala Ukulele is it’s ease of use. With a small size and a curvature design, this instrument is the ideal dimensions for comfortable playing. Some instruments become so big and bulky that they are very difficult to play. This instrument fits nicely in your lap if you want to play sitting down. Alternatively, it is lightweight enough to hold as you stand. Users can also purchase a strap separately for extra support when playing the instrument. The nylon synthetic strings make it very comfortable to play for long periods of time without hurting the user’s fingers. The geared tuners that come stock with the instrument make it much easier to tune properly.

Kala MK-B Makala Baritone Ukulele bundle

Important Things to Know

This is a baritone instrument, meaning that it has a deeper resonance than say an alto or soprano instrument. There is no down-side to this, but buyers should certainly be made aware of what they are purchasing. Also, it is a beginner’s instrument. For those who have owned this type of instrument in the past, it would perhaps make more sense to look for another. The nylon synthetic strings that come with the instrument are new, but will need to be replaced with time and general wear from playing.


Overall, the Kala MK-B Ukulel is a very well-constructed instrument. A vast majority of it’s users are more than satisfied with it’s performance. It is a great starter piece for several reasons. The price is very affordable, especially for the quality that is maintained. The materials are functional and aesthetic. The wood finish adds to the overall quality of the instrument in terms of looks as well as performance.


Despite this being a quality Kala instrument, there are some downsides to this Kala MK-B Ukulel piece as well. From the feedback from users, it seems that one common complaint is the size of the bag being too small for the actual instrument. This is certainly a downside when the inclusion of a gig bag is one of the perks of buying the instrument to begin with. Also, being on the more affordable side, there are certainly others that have better overall quality than this one. It is more for a beginner or first time owner.

Overall Thoughts

The Kala MK-B Ukulel is a great instrument for the price. For those looking to purchase their first ukulele without sacrificing quality or performance, this is the perfect instrument for you. The production is large and resonating and the construction of the instrument is impressive. For those experienced players that have owned a few in the past, this model may be a bit too basic and simple for your experience. All in all, it is a fantastic instrument for what it was intended to be: a high-quality beginner’s ukulele.
Keeping all of these factors in mind, users will be more than satisfied with their purchase of this fantastic instrument. An overwhelming majority of users have already given their feedback and it has all been more than positive.

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  1. I love my Kala Baritone. She was the last one I chose to hear. As soon as I strummed her I knew she was the chosen one ❤️
    I have a Martin Tenor that is my favorite but now Kala is right along side of Marty. Just loving playing them both.

  2. Just wondering, that’s all. U call the MK-B “a high-quality beginner’s ukulele” & that the “production is large and resonating and the construction of the instrument is impressive.” So exactly (or even roughly) what makes this instrument a “beginner” instrument? Besides merely price. And U also say that “there are certainly others that have better overall quality than this one,” but do not specify how so. I certainly hope U do not mean mere cosmetics. U say well with time & playing, the strings will need replacing. But that’s true for ANY string instrument. For a musical instrument, high quality is ultimately & objectively about construction & playability–period. All else is simply superfluous & subjective personal preferences. Reviews (imho) that are insufficiently mindful of these things are typically far too loose, vague, & careless in freely throwing around words like “beginner” & “quality”. Ur playing is nice–but I’d have to rate the “quality” of ur review as, well, mixed (sorry!).

    1. Hi,
      We are focusing on a quality and price in our review mainly. We are making choice what to tell our visitors about, what they should know in the first place. If there is lacking some information, our page has a lot of articles where you can find a lot of answers. We are sad that you didn’t found information what you were looking for. We will do our best to improve quality of our reviews.
      Have a good day!

  3. Sorry. Don’t know what got into me. I personally LOVE my MK-B. Maybe too much so–& sound a “mite” defensive upon my part. Ur review is fine, fair, & honest. But I’d have to grade MY response as, well, “mixed” at best. Online communications can make ppl behave rather, well, strangely. Plz continue & keep up the good work!! And again, love ur playing. Excellently displays the instrument’s beautiful baritone resonance & the intonational qualities of each string.

  4. I heard that some baritones come with a high G for the 4th string(top string) and some with a low G. which is the string fro this one?

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