Caramel CB103 Baritone Ukulele

CB 103
Zebra Wood



The strings of the ukulele produces a distinctive sound that quickly incites a tropical aura. The ukulele is a four-stringed musical instrument which was created from wood and bears a huge semblance with those basic classical guitars you are well accustomed to. It is a versatile musical instrument, which can be used and heard in a wide range of musical genres, such as jazz, pop, world music, country music, and rock. There is certainly no denying the charm this instrument possesses.

Its melodious tone has helped it make a return in recent years, and you have probably heard it featured in familiar songs on the radio, with artists like Train, Bruno Mars, etc.

The uke is also an instrument that perfectly represents surfing and surfers as they provide an escape from the day- to- day grind that will recharge your soul and bring a smile to your face. This fun and captivating instrument is quite easy to learn. If you aren’t playing one already, these reasons might push you to start.

About the Caramel CB103 Baritone


  • Model No: CB 103
  • Zebra Wood Body
  • Walnut fretboard and bridge
  • Buffalo bone nut and saddle
  • 18 frete
  • Tuned as D-G-B-E
  • 20” Scale length
  • 30” General body size
  • 3.15” Body depth
  • 1.5 “ At Nut

Now that you’ve had a little insight into what a baritone ukulele is, let’s fill you in on what makes this equipment unique and cool to have. Several individuals whose knowledge of stringed instruments ends at the display of their local guitar store have several misconceptions about this instrument.

As a starter, you might think that ukulele is just a little guitar.

You can’t fault yourself for thinking that way, because your knowledge off this instrument is shallow. But I bet you, after reading this piece, your mindset towards baritone ukuleles would change, and you’ll crave to have one.

A short overview

Unlike the usual guitars, you know, ukuleles come with four strings, including a standard tuning of D-G-B-E. This instrument isn’t only missing two strings. They also come with different keys on all of the four strings. This means that, with the baritone ukulele, you can easily transfer chords and scales from a guitar to a baritone ukulele. In essence, this equipment isn’t just a little acoustic guitar that you can place in your bag whenever you choose to go on vacation. Rather, the baritone ukulele is a completely different ball game, an impressive instrument that comes with its quirks.

Anatomy of a Caramel CB103 Baritone Ukulele


The baritone ukulele is adorned with zebrawood and an excellent mirror polish. While sopranos are probably the best choice for starters because of how easy it is if you have a pleasant experience with guitars or you have bigger hands, you would be better off with a baritone uke.

Zebrawood is an elegant tone wood that is exceptional even more with this fantastic finish. But, appearance isn’t the biggest highlights of the zebrawood. The volume and tone that it boasts of and incorporates in the general performance are quite good because it can cover a wide range of frequencies and lower end.

The neck on this model of uke is quite playable because of its unique design, and it comes with a well-polished fingerboard, with the best frets and excellent playability. The frets of the uke are known as the best because of how well it conforms to the shape of your hand unlike other instruments. The excellent playability of the uke is simply because it comes with four strings, which makes the chords and scales quite easy to learn and play.

With an impressive body length of 76cm and an 8cm body depth, you are sure to be getting a strong instrument coupled with durability and volume that you wouldn’t imagine obtaining from a cheap uke such as the baritone ukulele.


The baritone uke comes with a walnut bridge with buffalo bone saddle hardware. The nut consists of buffalo bone, but it has very high action. Along with that, you can modify the neck for your comfort with the aid of the truss rod. A truss rod is affixed to the neck for necessary modifications and also to ensure that you have the best comfort while playing it. It also comes with closed gear tuners and Aquila strings. To wrap things up here, the baritone uke hardware doesn’t boast of anything special, but it’s all great and intuitive.


It is somewhat difficult to judge a beginner ukulele. To start with, even with the sound, you’ll have to also consider its playability. I mean, as a newbie, you probably don’t boast of the necessary skills to make an instrument like this sound great and masterful. So, the only thing that you need is comfort, and this piece is capable of providing you with the best of that.

Caramel CB103 comes with a very sleek neck, its action is quite amazing, and it is very capable of fitting well in your hand, making you feel like you’ve been handling it for years. The tone of this instrument is pretty nuances, while its finish enables the ukulele to vibrate. Regardless of if it’s plugged or not, this piece delivers on the sound.


Caramel CB103 furnished with effective pickup three-band equalizer handle for the bass, treble, and middle. While the abovementioned controls may be the simple controls that this instrument boasts of, they do a perfect job of providing you with the necessary tools to order the sound that emanates from this fantastic instrument. Aside from that, you have a useful chromatic tuner with an LCD color display and a low battery indicator, which signals you when it’s low on power.

  • Holds the tune very well
  • Elegant, equipped with the best finish
  • Quality electronics that produce the best sounds
  • The action might be too high
  • Some models come with some buzz on their strings
  • Might find it slippery because of the sleek finish
  • The electric-acoustic variant is costly


This ukulele model brings a lot more to the table that you could ever imagine from a ukulele of under $100. The baritone ukulele is probably one of the most underestimated and best ukuleles in the market currently. It’s sound, construction, and everything about it makes you stunned and wonder why it isn’t quite expensive.

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