Donner DUB-1 30-inch Electric Bass Ukulele.

30 inch

Just like the standard bass guitar, the Donner DUB-1 Ukulele is designed to play notes E, A, D, G low to high – a quality which makes the product stands out among its contemporaries. This 30-inch ukulele is a portable bass, which offers pleasure to users through excellent sound delivery.

Speaking of structure, the Donner DUB-1 uke is constructed with African mahogany. Considering the construction material and the size of Donner bass ukulele, this ukulele is capable of producing warmer sound, and yet provides a considerable level of projection. More so, impressive tones will blend into any acoustic setting.

The Donner DUB-1 also comes with a unique string setup; unlike the standard condescending density of usual bass strings, this product features Aquila Nylgut bass strings, bearing similar density. As a result, Donner bass uke is more comfortable to play as continuance is expressed on each string. With a built-in input jack for a cable, this Ukulele can be played through an amp or connected directly with a sound system – regardless of your preferred option, the excellent sound will be delivered.

Furthermore, the three major EQ settings of this product enable players to set the treble, mid, and lows. Without using a clip on an external turner, it uses an in-built tuner in the preamp, which helps keep the bass in tune.

When you purchase a Donner DUB-1 uke, you will be given a bonus gig bag. With a rigid structure and full padding in the bag, it is capable of moving the uke from one gig to another or keep the instrument inside before storing it in the house. Also, the bag comes with a front compartment where several accessories can be kept. With the small construction and easy playability of this uke, it is incredibly versatile. Regardless of your gig location, this uke will deliver rich, full sound that will sweep the audience off their feet.


Interesting Features to Look Out For


Tuners and Strings

Donner DUB-1 ukulele is designed with Aquila Nylgut string – a smooth and soft string that generates clear and sweet sound. These strings are well-known among ukulele players as they tend to absorb less moisture and consequently maintain a stable tuning. Also, with the gauged strings of Aquila Nylgut, it expresses an enhanced accuracy of fret-intonation.


High Quality

Donner, the manufacturer of the Donner bass ukulele, is well-known for producing high-quality instruments globally – fortunately, this uke is no exception. Ukulele beginners and professionals will relish playing Donner bass ukulele as it features good quality fingerboard and mahogany body. In other words, both the tone and the appearance are of high-quality.


Band EQ

With the Bass, Mid, and Treble bands available, a player can adjust the EQ to get their preferred tones. Also, the preamp is incorporated with an in-built tuner. Thus, getting a new tuner is unnecessary.

Top-Quality Bag

Each Donner DUB-1 ukulele is delivered with a highly protective bag. This bag is made up of 12mm padding, and heavy-duty 600D Oxford Nylon fabric that covers the outside. Also, it features a pocket for housing spare strings, picks, etc. Furthermore, you will be able to carry the bag with its handles or lift it through dual adjustable shoulder straps. Also, it comes with a name label – just in case it goes missing.

Pros and Cons of Donner DUB-1 30-inch Electric Bass Ukulele


  • It comes as a limited edition
  • Availability of Preamp
  • Features high-performing Aquila Nylgut strings
  • Lack of straps


Before we conclude, it is advisable to get a set of cables, which will be used solely for the product, or a small amplifier if you intend to use it in an amplified setting. Also, if you will be standing for a long time while playing, we advise that you get a strap for it. Consider getting a felt pick for your Donner DUB-1 as it gives a cool sound, which often brings a different tone compared to when played with hands.

Finally, when you compare the design, construction, and extra accessories of Donner DUB-1 with its price, you will realize that it offers excellent value for money – not to mention the beautiful, full sound which it delivers.

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    1. Hi
      sorry for late reply!
      Its very easy. Just take fresh string, put it through the hole in the bottom , tie knot and do the same on the top of ukulele. Then just adjust tension.
      Hope it will help!

    1. Hi
      sorry for late reply!
      Its very easy. Just take fresh string, put it through the hole in the bottom , tie knot and do the same on the top of ukulele. Then just adjust tension.
      Hope it will help!

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