Donner Soprano Ukulele Mahogany DUS-1 21 inch Review

DUS-1 21
21 inch
Mahogany, Rosewood

The Donner Soprano Ukulele is a high quality instrument made of mahogany and rosewood. The rosewood is one of the most widely known materials in the musical world. It’s used often because it’s fully balanced and makes for a good range of low to deep sound. The mahogany is used because of it’s denseness, as well as the soft and warm balance it provides. The package comes with an instrument bag, a tuner, one colored strap, and a packet of carbon nylon strings. This instrument weighs in at around 1150g, including the box it arrives in.


Donner Soprano Ukulele

  • Size – Soprano 21 inch
  • Body, Neck  – Mahogany
  • Fingerboard, Bridge  – Rosewood
  • Tuners – Donner patented chrome-plated
  • Frets – 15

Quality of Instrument

The fretboard, neck, and body are all of solid build and perfect for a beginning and intermediate player. Even more experienced and advanced users have noticed the caliber of the design. The wood combinations make for a sturdy, resilient design. The craftsmanship is strong and this instrument will no doubt last years with a musician who takes good care of it. As for the extra accessories in this kit, it is said that they are just as well-made. The tuner is chrome-plated and made to keep the ukulele always in tune. Tuners are made originally by Donner, and looks really great and stylish.

Sound of Instrument

The sound superiority is absolutely amazing for such a low-priced item. Music enthusiasts around the world have left over a hundred reviews detailing this instrument’s superb playability. Sound is very clear and nice resonance. Plays very well with an acoustic guitar in terms of volume. It is little, but puts out nice, warm, yet crisp highs.”

Usability And Comfort

This instrument comes with already-attached pins and straps. You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to install anything. This instrument is a wonderful gift for children because of these easy to use features. This Uke is one of those that is very easy to use and comfort being even better than other ukulele, which is over a hundred dollars. The set also comes with extra strings. This makes for a longer-lasting stint before having to buy anything new, which is a definite plus. As mentioned, the beautiful wood in the bridge and body look professional. From the reviews and information provided, they are sturdy and last as long as any costly instrument would, as long as it is kept humidified in dry spells.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Though this startup kit is a nice bonus to have added extra, but there are a few downs that we noticed. For one, the strap has not managed to win over everyone. Strap may be too small for adult users, but will fit young children quite well. Quality and look of the strap might be better, it will do its job, but don’t wait it will be the best strap you ever had. Second thing, you might be frustrated over tuner being too ‘cheap’ and will not live up to your expectations. However, these cannot overshadow the general consensus that this is a perfect startup kit. Every ‘bad’ thing or thought is matched by one good.


This Donner Soprano Ukulele is a great instrument for beginners and professionals alike. The package does not come with picks and the additional accessories are not always seen as the best in it’s class. However, we find that the accessories are exactly what ukulele players are looking for. All of the wood used in the bridge, fretboard, neck, and base are solid and make for a quality design and build. All of these factors come together to make a beautiful and worthwhile instrument for all ages.

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