How to Change Strings on your Ukulele

Now you know a bit about ukulele, if you are a beginner and you just bought your first Ukulele there is one thing you should think first of all – How do i change my strings properly?

Well first of all we must say that cheap Ukuleles comes with the cheapest strings you can get, you won’t be satisfied with them and they won’t help you to produce great sound.

So It’s very important to change strings for a better ones.

You will notice a difference and by our experience it will make you feel better!


Steps :

1 – Push your new string through the hole in the saddle.

2 – Take the end that came through and hold it with your other hand

3, 4, 5 – Make a simple knot

6, 7, 8, 9 – Make a two ties around the loop, in order to fixate it. One side done, move to other ( Head of Ukulele )

10,11 – Push the string through one of the tuners on the head.

12, 13 – Tie around the tuner as much as possible. Turn the valve until the string is stretched.

14, 15, 16 – Make sure string is rolled around tuner that way so it won’t slip

17 – Cut the rest off, from both sides