What is Ukulele and why is it better than other instruments?

The Good Stuff

Ukulele is a cute little instrument that pleases the eye even if it’s bought just to be placed on a shelf, but is even better if you will learn it.

When I was given it and asked to play something for the first time I thought, – “are you kidding me? That’s just a toy!”.

Turns out, it’s a full and prominent instrument! No more than two days have passed before I learned how to play it.

Ukulele is simple to learn!

Thanks to the comfortable strings, it is easy to hold your fingers in a chord and the chords themselves are quite simple.

Small quantity of barre chords and the fact that they are easier to hold than on a guitar, due to the neck being smaller, also makes it easier. Fewer strings! 2 strings fewer than on a guitar, which is a huge advantage for a beginner!

Less number of strings takes away some of the sound richness that classic guitar can give you, but that also is a bonus if you can handle that amount of string yet. Less is GOOD!

Take away!

Smallest soprano Ukulele is only 53 cm long. Such instrument can easily fit into your backpack or a lady’s bad to experience beautiful days with your friends and family.

It weighs only 300 grams, which means that you won’t even feel that you’re carrying a musical instrument with you!

The Bad Stuff

The following part is just our opinion that you can surely argue with or not.

Not all songs fit for Ukulele

As sad as it may sound, some songs simply do not fit to be played on Ukulele. I won’t bring a list of examples, but every 3rd song from my repertoire doesn’t fit.

Ukulele is not as versatile as guitar

I’v been playing guitar for 10 years now and Ukulele for 5-6 years and I can say, according to my experience, that guitar is more exciting than Ukulele thanks to its possibilities.

It doesn’t mean that Ukulele has less, you can watch some Ukulele covers on YouTube and you’ll see that there’s a lot to learn and Ukulele can give you a lot, don’t hesitate, just try!

If you want to know even more about this beautiful instrument click on THIS LINK


All in all, it’s great to have both the guitar and Ukulele, as diversity is always great. Going to a park? Take the Ukulele! Going camping? Take the guitar!

Anyway, there are a lot of pros and cons of each instrument and everybody has their own opinion.

Now you know mine and I hope you’ll make the best of it! All you need to know is there is no bad side on this decision.

If you choose Guitar or Ukulele, you will win with each of them! ENJOY!