Which Ukulele should I buy and how are they different?

Ukelele Classes

Let’s start with the fact that there are 5 classes of Ukulele and each one is unique. Let’s run through all of them:


The smallest and the most popular of the Ukulele classes. It has a very thin sound, a cute look and doesn’t even seem to be an instrument at first glance.

Kala KA-15-H1 Soprano Ukulele Review


A bit bigger and bit more expensive than the Soprano, also has a more soft sound then the rest of the Ukuleles.

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The biggest of the classical Ukuleles. Tenor has a so-called basses and will fit for people with large hands, as the distance between frets is bigger than on the two previous types. I would recommend tenor to the ones who are familiar with the guitar. Obviously, it will be a bit more expensive than the others.

Kala KA-SSTU-T Tenor Travel ( + Acoustic-Electric ) Ukulele Review


An Ukulele that looks like a guitar, it’s a bit smaller, has typical four strings, but the tuning is different. It has substantial basses and it is generally made for a small audience. Since there are few lessons about it and there’s not much difference between it and a guitar, why don’t you pick a guitar then?

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A rare Ukulele for a small group of people, wouldn’t fit for a solo number. Unless you’re a huge bass-ukulele fan.

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Price Ranges:

$ 12 — $ 30

More like toys than ukuleles. The strings will often get looser, so you’ll often have to tune each string before starting to playing a song. The instrument will probably be made from plastic and the sound will be pretty poor. However, if you’ve just started and are unsure whether this instrument is made for you or not, this is a good place to start!

$ 30 — $ 100

In this price range you can get a decent, good quality instrument. Most of them are made from wood, would look like an ukulele and will be closer to very good ones, then to those that we consider a toy ukulele.Good sound included!

$ 300

This price range can give you everything! In my opinion, would not be different from the price range above, but will have a pretty cool brand. Best price range for value to money, if you want to go big, this option is for you!